In the picturesque setting of Tegernsee, a stunning civil wedding unfolded. The bride, renowned for her exquisitely crafted dirndls, took her creativity to new heights by designing her own wedding dress. Infused with a delicate blend of luxurious silk and intricate lace, her gown radiated elegance and charm. The chosen wedding venue exuded the charm of traditional Bavarian style, nestled within a quaint inn. Adding to the authenticity of the occasion, all the women adorned themselves in dirndls by Giacomelli, embodying the essence of Bavarian culture and style.


CIVIL PLACE: Rathaus Tegernsee

VENUE: Freihaus Brenner

DRESS: Giacomelli Trachten



A petite collection of our favourite imagery
of this otherworldly day.



diana & dali

"a luxury wedding in the MAGIC mountaIns
of mallorca."

Dijana and Dali had their dream wedding on the Balearic island of Mallorca at the stunning location of Son Marroig. With its breathtaking scenery and perhaps the best sunset on the island, it was the perfect choice. Their couple pictures captured the stunning light beautifully. The dinner took place in a lovely, curated setting, followed by celebrations upstairs in the charmingly redecorated space they named D2. Welcome to their new chapter.

alica & Michael

" luxury wedding in Italy lake Garda.."

Planned by the wonderful team at "Das Hochzeitswerk" and set against the stunning backdrop of Lake Garda, the wedding weekend began with a delightful La Dolce Vita get-together, adorned with fresh lemons and flowers at every turn. The grand wedding unfolded at Villa Cortine, a picturesque lakeside hotel reminiscent of a castle, exuding pure luxury. With breathtaking scenery and an overwhelming atmosphere, the festivities included live singers, a captivating burlesque show, and a dazzling fireworks display. Immerse yourself in our artistry through photography.

Kinga & Jakob

"a glamour bomb in mallorca."

What a spectacular wedding on Mallorca with Dirndl designer Kinga Mathe from Munich! The ceremony unfolded at the exquisite Hotel Castell Son Clarett. The hotel's stunning garden provided the perfect backdrop for capturing Mediterranean vibes, with its abundance of palms and flowers. The florist crafted a classic wedding arch adorned with white roses, while the blooming flowers on the ground added to the enchanting atmosphere. Explore their deluxe Champagne party and revel in the celebration!

Despina & Aaron

"a fairytail dream wedding in greece."

Despina and Aaron's wedding was a magical explosion of glamour, set in the heart of Greece at Pyrgos Petreza. Every detail was flawless – from the lighting and decorations to the vibrant colors and stylish guests. This fairy-tale glitter wedding was expertly planned by the talented Anjie Georgakopoulou from Anjie, known for creating breathtaking bespoke events. With our signature flash photography style, we captured the essence of the occasion, drawing everyone into the distinctive Wedding Novelle look. Don't miss out on experiencing it!

Ivana & Phil

"A luxury wedding in croatia."

The wedding week started just right on a vineyard nestled in the hills of Croatia overlooking the sea. It truly picked up surrounding colors, keeping the decoration blue and yellow. The structures built into the concept are overwhelming. Followed by the ceremony in the city center of medieval Dubrovnik. Pictures taken on the chapels staircase turned out just amazing and we loved the party afterwards at old town Fort Lovrijenac.
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